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Why Choose Us?

We find the world’s best talent through our vast university, company and industry networks. Think you are up to the standard? Contact us for an interview.

What we Do

We were founded by experts from both the staffing the blockchain industry with a global network of grassroots initiatives to accommodate hiring in any part of the world. We help you find the perfect candidates.



We can recruit, vet and staff for any position necessary in a blockchain project.



We can train your internal teams through workshops, certification programs and in-depth training seminars.



We can put you in touch with outsourced tech development, marketing, pr and business development teams around the world.

About us & FAQ's

Everybody's looking for the perfect staff!

BlockTalentX began to fill the growing need for enterprises and blockchain startups to hire the best staff, whether locally or when they begin looking to expand globally.

Our team of experts have built an enviable reputation in the blockchain and staffing sectors and have worked in many jurisdictions around the world with a multidisciplinary team of blockchain experts.

No matter where you are looking for top blockchain staff, we have a solution.

Can any applicant join BlockTalentX

Can any company join BlockTalentX

We have a reputation for only staffing market leading and high growth companies who have a high attraction with the top candidates in our talent pools.

What makes BlockTalentX special?

Through our global partnerships we have unparalleled exposure to the grassroots blockchain community around the world.

Who can I get in touch with at BlockTalentX?

You can contact us here.










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